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¿What kind of scaffolds does Aneur manufactures?

We manufacture various types of scaffolding. The most common are two: the European scaffolding, also known as façade, frame or unidirectional; and multi-directional, ringlock scaffolding. Check our updated catalog to learn more about our scaffolding.

Are Aneur scaffolds made of steel or aluminum?

We design and manufacture scaffolding in both steel and aluminum. Please check our updated catalog to see what products and materials we offer

What kind of finishing does Aneur's steel scaffolding has?

Aneur scaffolds are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, this treatment protects all structural elements providing them with excellent strength and durability.

What kind of measures do Aneur scaffolds have?

Aneur uses metric measurements on its scaffolding, as a general rule. Our standard measurements for horizontal elements range from 0.75m to 3.00m. However, we can manufacture and have material in other configurations and sizes. Contact and inform us of your needs to offer you the best solution

Are Aneur products certified?

Of course! check the Product Manual section to see our certificates

Are Aneur scaffolds compatible with other companies' scaffolding systems?

There are many scaffolding systems and Aneur scaffolding systems are among the most compatible ones on the market. However, for safety, the combination of different scaffolding systems in the same installation is not recommended. If you have any questions in this area, please contact us


What is the price of our scaffolding?

The price of our products depends on several factors, such as the use that will be given to the scaffold (which determines, among others, the type of scaffold), the configuration (the size and size of the scaffold modules), the size of the purchase order, etc. For a budget adapted to your needs, request a specific quote by contacting us or visit the price list.

How long does it take to deliver an order?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. However, it must be assessed on a case-by-case basis as many factors might intervene: order size, manufacturing or not of standard measurements, production queue, availability of material in stock, etc. In order to balance production quality and avoid delay in service, our goal is not to take more than two months for shipping since order confirmation.    

How are the orders delivered?

They are normally shipped in containerized cargo, strapped and palletized with the material itself and in metal cages. Depending on the type of product, it can also be shipped in metal boxes or industrial bags.

Does Aneur sell second-hand scaffolds?

As a rule, since we are manufacturers, we sell new scaffolding only. However, from time to time we may have lots of used second hand scaffolding available. If you are interested, consult us through the contact form to know availability and prices.

Does Aneur have an after-sales service for advice and resolution of queries?

Yes, we do. We advise our clients on any question that may arise regarding the use of the product and its suitability for different activities. Contact us and we will provide you with the counselling you may need.


Does Aneur offer a scaffolding rental service?

Of course! We are one of the largest scaffolding rental company in Spain. In addition, we also offer rental service with assembly and disassembly. Request a quote!

How long does it take Aneur to install a scaffold since it officially requested?

We try to assemble as quickly as possible. Once the assembly or disassembly of a scaffold is requested, it enters in our work schedule and is carried as soon as possible. There are multiple factors, some beyond our control, that may influence planning such as meteorology, existing planning, project size, etc. As a general rule, the scaffolding is assembled from five labour days from the request.

Does Aneur manage building licenses, occupation of public roads and other administrative licenses?

Due to our workload, the huge amount of time that these procedures sometimes take and the multitude of projects that we cover, we are unable to manage the obtention of these licenses. It is the responsibility of our client to manage licenses and permits.

When do the budgets made by Aneur expire?

Aneur budgets are generally valid for 30 days.

Does Aneur carry out the scaffolding Technical supervision?

Yes, we carry out the scaffolding Technical supervision and provide the installation certificate.

Does Aneur offer scaffold alarm service?

Yes. Aneur does not offer this service directly, but thanks to our experience, knowledge of the sector and relationships with alarm companies, we can manage the alarm installation and offer even more competitive prices than the alarm companies themselves (due to our volume)

Does Aneur rent rack scaffolding, shoring, falsework, facade stabilizers and forklifts?

Yes, in addition to the tubular scaffolds, we have a rental service for other provisional structures. Contact us for more information.

Where does Aneur offer the scaffolding rental service?

At the moment, Aneur offers scaffolding rental service only in Spain. However, if you are interested in renting anywhere else, contact us and we will put you in contact with our rental partners.

Is it possible to put outdoors advertising banners on the scaffolding of Aneur?

Of course! We are specialists in the installation of scaffolding for advertising banners. We have carried out many projects with advertising on the scaffold and we know the particularities that these projects need. We have suitable material for these projects.

How many projects has Aneur completed?

Aneur has completed more than 1500 projects. Visit the projects section to check the most relevant ones.

In what type of projects does Aneur get involved with or had been involved?

Aneur works in construction, rehabilitation, industry, naval, aeronautical and events projects.

Can Aneur scaffolds be used for industry?

Of Course! In fact, some of our best clients are from this area. Due to their versatility, our scaffolds are ideal for numerous industrial activities such as work on industrial tanks and cisterns, pipe and machinery reparation, etc.

Is it possible to use Aneur scaffolding in naval and aeronautical industries?

Yes, our scaffolds are ideal for the construction and maintenance of ships and aircrafts.

What kind of structures does Aneur offer for events?

Aneur offers several structures that can be used for events of all kinds, among the most common we highlight stages, stands, lighting and sound towers. Contact us to inform us of your needs.

Which companies has Aneur worked with?

We have worked with large construction, rehabilitation, industry and events companies. You can visit the projects section to check the most relevant ones.

General questions

Where are the Aneur facilities?

Aneur’s headquarters are in Pinto, by C/Albatros, 24, 28320 – Pinto, Madrid, Spain.

Does Aneur distribute to all countries?

Yes, we sell from Spain or through the distributor in your country. Please contact us through the contact form and we will redirect to your area distributor if applicable.

Is Aneur committed to R & D & i?

Yes we are. We consider it a fundamental and essential part of our company. We dedicate an important part of our budget and our team to this function, for us basic and fundamental, which allows us to develop our products and technology to adapt to the changing and growing needs of our clients. We have carried out and participated in many research projects, visit our R & D & i section for more information on this.