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The AN-Ring scaffolding system is Aneur’s ringlock system. The multidirectional or ringlock system due to its characteristic circular shape, is the most versatile scaffolding system on the market. It can be used for all kinds of projects and perfectly combines versatility, fast assembly and security.

The wedge locking system in the ring allows the rapid formation of any type of angle and make straight angles instantly. The absence of screws and clamps in the main elements of the system increases the assembly speed by requiring only a hammer blow for its assembly and disassembly.

Aneur, thanks to its experience in projects of every kinds, has designed and manufactured the AN-Ring system. This system has been designed by scaffold users taking into account details that other systems do not contemplate. This circumstance makes the AN-Ring system a unique multidirectional scaffolding system on the market, fully adapted to different types of work. In addition, key areas are emphasized for both the user and the scaffold assembler such as storage optimization, lightweight material, and durable materials.